“You chose well,” Odin said. “Now go.”
For a moment, Loki hesitated, then quickly embraced his father, surprising
them both. Just as quickly, he let go and straightened up, pulling his
scattered masks and composure back together.

 Calculating chaos by Like_a_Hurricane
 Part 3 of Tricks of the Trade

 儘管原譯在翻譯Of Lairs Gifts and Gifted Lairs時評論到了後續的地方原作寫地有些OOC,但追下來以後真的不覺得這有什麼不好。如果Odin表達的疼愛可以再明顯一點而Loki可以坦率一點,就像文章裡寫的那樣,對我們這些粉來說其實真的是很大的安慰。再說......也沒有真的到OOC啦我認為,雖然有點小言了但是人物沒怎麼走形,只能說這作者比起Hella真是親媽來著。
 我很喜歡這個系列,但上次在湯上看到一篇專門給frostiron的專文裡沒有提到這篇,不免覺得有點可惜。Unsure and Hundard雖說也沒有提到就是......好消息是翻翻原作的專欄果然會有收穫,U的作者開了長篇而且已經寫到Ch13了多美好,暫時都不擔心缺糧了。
 Something heavy started banging against the door. Tony really hoped it
wasn’t Jarvis’s head. Or Steve’s. Fury he could take or leave. Flexing his
frostbitten hands discretely, Tony glanced over as Loki’s skin began to
shift colour to the pale lines he remembered, even if they were streaked
in red. He’d heal soon enough.
“The things I endure to get you within my grasp,” Loki murmured to
himself, watching the blue as it was chased off his fingertips. “I had
thought often of killing you, Stark. Very creatively, at that. Then again, I
suppose you did warn me.”
“Warn you about what?” Tony asked tightly as Loki walked toward him,
strangely sure-footed on the frosty ground. Was this how it was going to
go, then? Kind of an anticlimactic end for him. He’d always thought
there’d be more explosions.
“That if I gave you a reason to doubt me, you would give no quarter.”
Loki stopped when he came face to face with Tony. His eyes were green
again, burning in his pale face. Bloody streaks ran down his cheeks like
tears. “I miscalculated. Underestimated you. That will never happen
The door started shuddering on its enormous hinges as Loki reached a
hand toward Tony’s throat. They weren’t going to make it in time.
“It never had to turn out like this,” Tony said, catching the hand before it
found his neck. His fingers threaded through Loki’s, ignoring the
stickiness of blood, the missing fingernails, the cracked skin. “Believe it
or not, you could have trusted me from the beginning.”
Loki was looking at their hands twined together with such a starved
bleakness in his eyes that for a moment Tony didn’t think he’d heard
what he’d said. But then he abruptly ripped his hand away, his eyes
blazing with wrath.
“Trust an Avenger?” he spat, jerking back. “Trust Iron Man? To what
end? You were a distraction, Stark, and you almost cost me everything.”
His voice turned cold. “I was better off on my own.”
It was funny how even then, with things turning out exactly like they had
that Tony still felt the dull punch of hurt at those words. All Tony had
done was try to help. That was all he’d ever done. But Loki couldn’t trust
him with the simplest truth – that he’d gotten in over his head. If Tony
had known about Amora’s ‘deal’ with Loki, if he’d had some kind of idea
that Thor might be attacked it could have all been so different.
But it was just all a distraction. A mistake.
“You’re right,” he said simply, watching Loki. “You didn’t need me. Why
would you have ever needed me? Look at you, you’ve got it all under
control.” His bark of laughter had no humour in it. “You don’t need
anyone but yourself.”
Loki took a long step back toward him, magic sparking at his fingertips
like he was preparing to strike Tony. But he was bleeding all over and
what wasn’t streaked with red was blistered and cracked, still
desperately trying to heal over the damage. Even his magic couldn’t do
two things at once, and the door was almost broken down.
In the end, revenge served cold seemed like the order of the day. Tony
held his breath and watched as Loki cursed and pulled back, the air
around his abused body gathering with light.
“Don’t think I am finished with you, Stark,” he said finally, the verdant
crackle of his magic reeking of ozone in the confined space. He was
already a breath away from teleportation. “When my business with
Amora is concluded, I will find you.”
Tony’s mouth twitched. “Honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less.”
He watched the air around Loki tear to reveal a gaping dark wound and
wondered if he would ever see Loki again. All differences aside, he was
their only hope for Thor, even if his help was driven by grudges and
petty competition. Amora and Skurge could be formidable. They’d
proven that already.
“Good luck,” he blurted out, startling himself. Loki froze, half dissolving
as the teleportation took him. Tony made himself look him straight in the
eye before he vanished. “Don’t lose.”
Loki’s parting reply was swallowed by a screech of metal as the door
finally broke down. Then he was gone, vanished in a roar of dimensional
fire as he stepped out of existence. SHIELD agents and angry Avengers
poured into the cell but Tony barely noticed the shouting and alarms,
didn’t feel the hands running over the frostbitten palm-prints on his
skin. His entire thought process was alight with those two loaded words,
silently mouthed before he escaped the cell.
Trust me.
Asking the impossible again.
Tony felt his hands jerked behind his back, then cold metal as handcuffs
were slapped on his wrists. Somewhere, Fury barked orders to his men.
Right, the springing a prisoner thing. Federal offences and all that.
Pepper was going to give him hell for this one. But Tony knew he’d made
the right call this time, and he’d even managed to keep his own personal
issues mostly out of it. If he had to be the guy that made the tough call
for the greater good, then so be it. He’d wear the punishment this time.
As long as Loki made good on his promise to get Thor’s soul back, Tony
would put up with just about anything.
In the meantime he just had to have faith in a brother’s broken bond, a
sorcerer’s magic and a liar’s promise.
Piece of cake.
Tony figured he could stand to gamble his hopes on a fool’s chanceJust this one time.

--------------------------------<Off record> by Hella 
The Avengers 2012,

  anyway,Happy Birthday to Canada & America.


 &我無法克制的萌女主*David的CP.......愛到想要寫文救命(躺) 因為找不到文章我似乎只能自力救濟.......結尾那個雙人私奔不是超棒的嗎!!!!!!!!!!!
London, iTunes Festival 2011





在我讀過大多數以Loki為主的雷神衍生創作裡,這篇文章由Thor的角度出發,很細緻的探討了他內心的變化周折。從單純的關懷弟弟到最後無法克制地去愛,卻又難以說服自己可以理直氣壯的這麼做,這樣在身為王儲的道德責任與感情衝動間糾結的細膩Thor對我來說真的是很難得的呈現。會讓我想起The Hope Only Of Empty Men (這也是一篇很棒的文章,但是太艱澀了我必須花時間理解重組才能閱讀......譯者最近又不更新Orz......)中鷹眼對Thor說的那一句話--"你知道,他都叫你蠢蛋,但你真不是。"



節錄 1 :








Thor kisses the back of Loki's neck, saying over and over again in his head what he's afraid to say out loud. I love you. I'll be there for you. Always. And it's not what anyone meant for them, but that's just how it is. He thinks about their mother and father, about the Warriors Three and Sif and all of Asgard - asleep and completely unaware of what just happened, of what is happening. Everything is changing and no one can stop it. Not even them.

"Do you think there's something wrong with us?" Thor asks. He doesn't know why he asks, but some sick part of him wants to hear Loki's answer.

Loki's voice, when he finally speaks into the darkness, sounds thick, like he's been crying silently.


Thor holds him tighter. He holds him all night.

Loki is gone again in the morning.


節錄 2 :













以下原文 :

"What's wrong?"

Thor has this insane, fleeting idea to suggest they just run away, start over somewhere else but he shakes it away.

"We're brothers," Thor says.

Loki drops his hands. It was a loaded sentence, and now it's just sitting there between them, spoken. They can't take it back.

"I know," Loki says quietly, and then even quieter, "I don't care."

Thor tries to smile, but it's a sad one, broken at the edges.

"People will never understand," he says.

Loki laughs shortly, and Thor does too, because they're never going to understand it either. And something about that is as funny as it is sad.

"I don't care." Loki runs a thumb over Thor's lower lip. "We're different, you and I. They'd never understand."

"But if they knew-"

Loki pushes his thumb against Thor's lips to silence him.

"I don't care," Loki says. He pulls his thumb away. "It's only us in the end, right?"

"Yes," Thor says. "Yes."

"Then touch me."

大概就是從這段開始一路到結局,劇情就籠罩在一股山雨欲來的絕望裡。儘管中間上了頗為香豔的肉,說真的也很難撫平這一切沉鬱的痛。我喜歡這一段裡Loki如此鎮定,面對Thor的掙扎時,如此堅強。唉可見他多麼愛自己的哥哥.......Thor的猶豫沒有錯,他以自己的方式在愛Loki。我想這是他們彼此性格落差所造成的,Thor希望除了自己以外Loki獲得完整的幸福,即使那個幸福裡恐怕無法有他的一席之地;但對Loki而言,擁有Thor他的世界就已經完整,所以他才會說""It's only us in the end"。






說說這篇。一切起始於The Avengers裡迷人的Tony Stark.儘管神兄弟笨笨的另有一種萌點,但無疑的Tony給觀眾呈現的是背道而馳的魅力,聰明。雖然他跟博士的科學腦相比很難硬去分出高下,但我敢說在綜合評比上Tony一定是成員裡最聰明的一個,而且Loki最後倒的大霉有很大的功勞必須歸給聰明的Iron Man。於是話說回來,應該要彼此恨得要死的兩個人該怎麼湊到一塊真的很引人好奇,因而這個想法的契機便促成順應了好奇心的我點開這篇來閱讀。
Asgrad的女巫(?) Amora在文章中做了月老的角色( 我對她的了解不深......只知道她似乎跟Thor有段糾葛/算是反派/或許還跟Loki聯手過可關係不好?/正妹.....但無所謂這裡她不算主角) ,起因是一個愚蠢的報復人的魔咒然後促成一段好姻緣XD~即使主軸劇情有點老梗,很多小說也不吝惜地大肆使用過,但不知為何作者輕描淡寫的就把它表現得相當輕鬆逗趣而且迷人。翻譯很好,但接著讀原文以後會覺得更有味道,畢竟有些時候語言的轉換無法避免一些逼不得已的刪修增減,所以可能的話很建議看一遍原文。整體來說句型雖然流暢但都很簡單,也沒有太多的深難字甚至不需要字典,所以看原文對我們這些非母語使用者應該也不會太吃力。裡面有很多安排過得小橋段會讓人忍不住"哈哈"的笑出來,所以真的真的很推原文。
肉有......但不算太多安排也合理,安排上也堪稱美味。作為吸睛點可以算中規中矩,只要對Top or bottom別太堅持即可安心享用,不然跳過也可。詳細描寫大概在原文75-85頁這個區塊如果沒記錯的話(翻譯部分還沒放出來。)
結局是不意外的HE...畢竟這麼可愛的文風要寫成BE讀者會翻桌吧,所以請開心地服用。裡面真正悲劇的可能只有錘哥......他依然如此深愛弟弟可惜這篇的(L)TL不是往常那個...XDDD~唉但話說回來我大概也不會常換CP看,因為拆CP真的很怪,儘管文章跟故事很精采.......巴特我是相當忠實的Tony/Pepper & Thor/Loki派......













"Be silent," Loki says, and is gone the next second, leaving Tony alone in the kitchen.
 Bruce comes in the next minute, eyes on the donut box. He nods a hello to Tony before grabbing one. 
"Thor said uh, he said Loki was in your room last night." 
He says it without looking at Tony, which is just so junior high school that Tony barks out a laugh and what he definitely does not do is blush because it's not like that, not at all. 
"You two gossip like you're at a nail salon, seriously. He came and fixed my shoulder for me, my dignity is still intact, scout's honor." 
"I think Thor is worried more about Loki's," Bruce says. 
Before Tony can formulate a wonderful comeback as to just how ridiculous that is, a voice echoes from the air: 

"What about my dignity?" 

And Bruce freezes in place because Loki is suddenly in front of him, right up in his space and he plucks the donut from Bruce's hand, taking a chaste little bite and looking more beautifully evil than Tony has ever seen him. Bruce jumps back and yeah, yeah that does it. He hulks out and look straight to Tony like it's his fault and then Loki says, "Run." 

So they run, Tony and Loki are bounding over the couch and down the hall, and Tony is fucking laughing, he can barely breathe he's laughing so hard. Loki grabs his wrist and they teleport out of there, leaving the others to deal with Bruce. 








昨天看了一篇Thor衍生,White Nights。將近10萬字的大作品,寫得極好。儘管作為主角之一的哥哥有些被邊緣化,但仍然是個非常出色的故事。

我是當初說有點貴的那個XD 書末很意外的有您的留言(應該不記得了吧)